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The interface between chemistry & engineering: a bright future for innovation in ‘making molecules’


InnoSyn BV – Member of the Scientific Advisory Board – Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today

Most people agree that innovation in modern times is best based at the interface of multiple disciplines/ competences/ skill sets.
This certainly also holds true for innovations enabled by the integration of (organic) chemistry and process technology/engineering.

Some people consider both disciplines, when taken alone, of relatively mature status (btw: an opinion on which there is still a lot of debate possible..). If one considers the current status/popularity of chemistry and process technology in academic educations, the amount of students that study (organic) chemistry or process technology is severely decreasing in the Western world, while fields like biotechnology, bio-medical sciences, life sciences, nano technology etc are booming. However, if anything, this more reflects the current popularity wave in academic research funding than well thought through societal relevance balancing (also on the longer term).

There is here a clear connection - especially in the chemical industry in the Western world - with less appreciation for ‘making molecules’ ( ‘the competence of making molecules in industrial q ...

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