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The mutual recognition procedure or biocidal products in EU Principles, challenges and problems!

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The Biocide Product Directive (BPD, 98/8/EEC) of theEuropean Union is intended to balance the effi cacyof biocides in their intended use(s) for their impact onhuman/animal health and the environment. The Directivegives the criteria to regulate the process of putting abiocide on the market and harmonizes the regulationof the EU Member States. Only biocidal commercialproducts that contain an active substance included inAnnex I of IA of the BPD will be authorized for use. Activesubstances have to be evaluated to assess whether ornot they will be included in Annex I or IA. Once an activesubstance has been included in such annexes, NationalCompetent Authorities of Member States can authorizecommercial products (mixture) containing such active.Once a product has been authorized in the fi rst MemberState, it will be possible to have it mutually recognized andauthorized by other Member States (providing relevantconditions of use are similar) but specifi c applicationfrom other Member States is needed by the authorisation holder.