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Disinfectant efficacy testing for bacterial endospores against hydrogen peroxide

Cleaning and disinfection program part of the lifecycle approach: a risk based rather arbitrarily imposed approach

EU endocrine disruptor criteria for biocides: A legal perspective

Treated articles under the biocidal products regulation

The challenges of ecotox testing of nanomaterials and the BPR

Implications of the nanomaterial provisions of the BPR on industry

The transition from the old national system to BPD biocidal product authorisation
The Italian Case

Biocidal product authorisations under the BPD (98/8/EC)

Trends in EU biocides regulation

Antimicrobial surfaces: addressing the intended application

The Biocidal Products Regulation Assessing the impact on suppliers of biocides over the first 12 months

Physical and chemical treatments 
to prevent the growth of microorganisms in diesel fuel storage tanks

Changes for alternative suppliers 
of biocidal active substances under the BPR

The new Biocidal Products Regulation

Learning from Mother Nature Modern microbicides in action

Modelling biocide release from architectural coatings

The mutual recognition procedure or biocidal products in EU Principles, challenges and problems!

CLP Regulation and its impact on the labelling of dry film biocides

Testing dry film biocides Are we going the right way?

Biocleaning of animal glue on wall paintings by Pseudomonas stutzeri

Risk mitigation measures for biocidal products – How to develop a harmonised approach for product authorisation?

Biocide Regulation in the EU –past, present and future

Antimicrobial and surface activities of Phosphate Schiff bases

Isoxazolium cationic Schiff base surfactants – Surface and antimicrobial properties

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