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CLP Regulation and its impact on the labelling of dry film biocides

Arch UK Biocides, Hexagon Tower, Crumpsall Vale, Blackley, Manchester, M9 8ZS, United Kingdom


The article provides an overview of the impact of CLPregulations on the use and development of biocides for dryfilm preservation since their introduction. The current marketrequirements for the “ideal” biocide are discussed, withparticular reference to labelling requirements and otherEuropean Regulatory demands such as the Biocidal ProductDirective, National registrations, REACH etc. The futureoptions of biocide types likely to be available and how theyfit against the “ideal” biocide profiles are discussed. TheArticle goes on to discuss the Arch UK Biocides Ltd productrange for dry film preservation and how it fits against theseprofiles. Particular reference is made to Zinc Pyrithionewhich offers both fungicidal and algaecidal activity and atoptimal use concentrations can avoid R52/53 labelling.