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Biocidal product authorisations under the BPD (98/8/EC)


Biocidal products play a vital role in controlling organisms that are harmful to man and animals and they are essential in protecting both man-made and natural products from damage and decay. Biocidal products are used in industry and in the home. They include disinfectants, insect repellents, drinking water disinfectants and the preservatives used to protect a wide range of finished products and raw materials (including wood, paints, textiles etc). Regulatory control of biocidal products has varied considerably within the EU, with some having been regulated under existing national systems while others have not been specifically controlled The Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) introduces a harmonised system of control across all member states that involves a two stage process, first with the evaluation of active substances followed by the authorisation of all products. This article examines the process of product authorisation and some important considerations when planning to place a biocidal product on the market.


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