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The transition from the old national system to BPD biocidal product authorisation
The Italian Case

Managing Director, Chemsafe Srl, via Ribes 5, Colleretto Giacosa (TO), 10010, Italy


Since 1998, Italy has regulated the marketing ofsome products such as insecticides, disinfectants (germicidesand bactericides), rodenticides, insects repellants underits own legislation. All these products are called “PresidiMedico Chirurigici” (PMC). Some products (such as woodpreservatives and repellants) are freely sold on the Italianmarket. All these products now fall within the application ofthe Biocidal Products Directive and need to be authorized asBiocidal products. This article will describe briefly the Italianapproach to the transition of these products under the BPDauthorisation process.