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Trends in EU biocides regulation


The placing of biocides on the market of theEuropean Union (EU) is regulated by two review programsdefined by the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) and thePlant Protection Products Directive (PPPD). Furthermore,product specific directives specify the biocidal productswhich are permitted for use in cosmetics and foodstuffs.Moreover, restrictions apply to the residuals of Plant ProtectionProducts (PPP) in foodstuffs. The currently available biocideselection is thus strictly defined, but will also meet even morechallenges by the emerging chemicals regulation suchas REACH, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) restrictionsand the Water Framework directive. Regardless of thesechallenges, it is evident that the development of new ActiveSubstances (AS)for biocides may remain slow due to the highcost of vertebrate tests which are required for the chemicalrisks assessment for such new products. Consequently, alsoregulatory authorities should be aware of the potential lackof AS as a risk for stagnation of future product development,where more sustainable alternatives to current AS may notemerge. Fewer new AS may also lead to increased resistanceof target organisms, which are adapting to the concentrationsand the modes of action of currently used AS, which mayhave health and/or economic consequences.