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MABA is founded and owned by Marcella Bartoletti former Global Fragrance Director at Unilever. A desire to explore the many facets of the power of fragrance in our daily lives is at the basis of this five-part series. The author, together with other experts, will take the reader through a journey across the multiple aspects to be taken into consideration as well as the commonalities, the various challenges, and the critical market/ business imperatives to be handled when planning a new fragrance launch. Following three first articles on Air Care, Home Care and Personal Care & Cosmetics, published on the No 1/2012, No 3/2012 and No 2/2013 editions of HPC Today, here it is the opportunity to dig into a new fascinating product category: Fine & Prestige Fragrances. www.marcellabartoletti.com

As human beings we are in constant search to define everything around us in order to feel comfortable and so believe we are in control. But with scents, at least in part, our attempts fail; shapeless, intangible, volatile they resist and oppose to our need to contain the world we live in and to justify the emotions they inevitably provoke. Despite our lack of power about it, we d ...