What does working in detergency mean today?



Graduated in chemistry from the University of Pavia


Davide Mariani is Graduated in chemistry from the University of Pavia.
Head of the Detergents and Surfactants Department of Innovhub-SSI, agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, since 2003.
The sector deals with products in the field of detergency both from the analytical point of view and from that of the performance evaluation of the formulations themselves.

This is how I begin my brief intervention, proposing this question which seems to be a good preamble to start with.

To understand what to do in the present it is always necessary to ask ourselves what tomorrow will reserve to us and in times of sudden and global changes, these reflections become even more necessary to direct professional experiences in the right direction.

A first attempt: working in detergency today means, in my opinion, working in a service sector where, much more than what happened once, the need must be felt to have to provide effective and targeted responses to consumer needs.

If the purchaser of detergent products was previously essentially identifiable, in the centre of a narrow circle of defined interpersonal relationships and with easily classifiable needs, in modern society, it is normally variegated and in the middle of a microcosm of knowledge that identifies him as an important actor for flows of consumption related information, which orient the choices or direct their opinio ...