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Why reaching the Italian cosmetics and personal care suppliers chain

Why Italy?
Italy has over 500 SMEs and big enterprises operating in the sector of Cosmetics and Personal Care employing nearly 19.000 people with a sales volume forseen to reach end of 2014 over 9500 millions of Euro, like in 2013.
The Italian Cosmetics and Personal Care market is among the most important ones in Europe along with France and Germany. Export represents a significant portion of the sales of Italian companies and is foreseen to have an increment of +7% by end of 2014 reaching a value of 2400 millions of Euro.
A new trend in exports is represented by a significant increment of extra-EU exports towards consolidated markets like those in Asia and new markets like Brazil making of Italy a leading EU country in terms of Cosmetics and Personal Care exports worldwide.

The Italian market constantly needs products and services.
Despite the actual economical crisis and the actual uncertainties the Italian Cosmetics Sector is able to positively face negative trends, which represent a trigger for new competitiveness and investments in terms of research, innovation and new production capacities. As a consequence o ...

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