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Beautifully …safe!


Giacomo Santus – President of HCI (Switzerland)

People from my generation have seen a lot of changes in their daily life, while the 20th century was lapsing and giving its place to the young 21st century. The new millennium was starting with cutting-edge technologies in all industries, but it was also showing its blindness for money and fashion, living in a new bubble of freedoms.
In this new background, the personal care industry also mutated completely, following the new needs and general changes.
Nowadays, people suffer more and more from skin disorders and consequently pay a lot more attention to what they use. The personal care market aims to ensure the safety of its products, and a number of committees, such as the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS), have as one of their main objectives the guarantee of the safety of cosmetic ingredients. The European Community itself supervises the personal care market, focusing especially on people’s health.
Today, satisfying consumers’ needs goes through creating high quality cosmetic products, with a tested efficacy and certified safety profiles. Innovative technologies and safe ingredients have a strong impact on customers. The attention for ...