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The power of collaboration and partnership in ensuring medicine quality


Ronald T. Piervincenzi, Ph.D
Pharmacopeial Convention

The power of collaboration and partnership is a common theme in business journals, inspirational books, and consultants’ blogs (I would know as a former management consultant!) for its benefits to organizations in nearly every facet of today’s society. I see how this power also benefits patients and consumers around the world by helping to ensure quality medical products – through the lens of my role as CEO of a non-profit, scientific organization that works with experts around the world to establish quality standards for medications, as well as dietary supplements, food ingredients, and healthcare practice.

Collaboration helps keep quality “top of mind” in unexpected ways, among unexpected partners. There’s a vast business/government ecosystem relevant to the pharmaceutical supply chain, with very different roles and business models, from research and development, to drug manufacturing and distribution, to regulatory bodies, to practitioners and patients. And while each of these segments may be engaged in very different roles and businesses, there are some universal truths for all – we live in a time of globalization, in a changing regulato ...

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