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Chemistry, one hundred years ahead


President of Federchimica, the Italian Chemical Industry Federation


Chemistry, one hundred years ahead

The 12th of March 2016 Federchimica, the Italian Chemical Industry Federation, celebrated its 100th anniversary. A century has gone by and everything has changed, except for the ability of the chemical industry to foresee the challenges ahead that would then involve the whole industrial sector.

In Italy, the chemical industry and the related associations have developed together and their history has interwoven inextricably along with the industrial, economic and social development of the country.

The history of the Italian chemical industry brought by some big changes, yet has also developed on strong elements of continuity.

Chemistry itself is about “change” of matter, of production processes, of products, of quality of life - chemistry changes itself and makes others change.

The chemical industry was the first sector to introduce innovations that could revolutionise entire manufacturing sectors, generate dramatic changes in society and make it progress, not only economically. It happened in Italy with Giacomo Fauser and the synthesis proce ...

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