Flow chemistry: a unique opportunity for innovation


Managing Editor, TKS Publisher

Dear Reader,

This first 2018 issue of Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today features both a new graphical layout to simplify the reading and a whole issue devoted to Flow Chemistry. Flow chemistry is in fact gaining more and more attention from the Industrial community because it enables the production of synthetic intermediates and products that would otherwise be inaccessible using conventional batch techniques. Its major advantages include rapid process optimisation, faster reactions, cleaner products, increased safety & ease of scale-up; moreover, additional advantages are gained by integrating unit operations such as work-up & analysis.

Specifically, within the Pharma Industry, as the ‘patent cliff’ looms for many high-volume APIs, there is also a shift away from blockbusters towards lower volume, higher potency APIs.  This presents an opportunity for manufacturers to adopt newer methods of production – one answer being continuous manufacturing – a trend that cannot be ignored anymore.

As a response to an increasing demand for more information and case studies using this technology, many conferences and exhib ...