Why Use Silicones in Personal Care Products
Part 2 – Water Soluble Silicone Polymers


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This is the second of three articles on the use of different types of silicone polymers in personal care formulations. The question “Why Use Silicones in Personal Care Products?” is an important question all formulators need to consider. There are a growing number of silicone polymers available to the formulator, which is a testimony to the creativity of the polymer synthesis chemist. While this is a good thing for the formulator in that there is a large pallet of silicones from which to prepare outstanding formulations that must be cost effective, meet consumer expectations and the marketing requirements of the companies selling the formulation., it can also be the source of some problems with making the correct choice of polymers in a specific formulation.
Properly formulated personal care formulations are like fine gourmet meals in which proper choice for the silicone polymers is to function as the spice of the meal, not the meat or potatoes. These versatile polymers need to be used at low concentrations to provide formulations that cannot achieve the overall effect without them.
The first article in the series dealt with silicone polymers that contained no functional groups to alter the solubility. This article will deal with silicone polymers that contain water-soluble groups.

Science for Formulators
This is the second of a series of articles in a new approach to providing science to formulators. The concept is to provide the underlying science and to present it with formulation tips that make the information useful. Happy reading!
The firts one was published in H&PC Today Vol. 11(1) pag. 54-59 - Link

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