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Why wrong data on triphosgene stability circulated.
Perception and Cognition, an addition to a previous article (1a)


Corresponding author*
Technische Universität München, Department Chemistry, Lichtenbergstr. 4, Garching, D-85748, Germany

Crystalline triphosgene has been established during the last twenty years in a steady market as a commonly used equivalent to substitute the gaseous poison phosgene (1) in small scale applications. Using solid triphosgene (which is also a poison) crucial is thermal stability. Recent reliable and precise analysis in 2011 (1a) has resulted in its thermal decomposition at 201-204°C. This is in good accordance with early data on it in 1929 (2). Since 1996 (1d) various and rather arbitrary values of 130-170°C stumbled through the internet, which have been corrected, when found. Even a triphosgene producer gave a value of 160°C (3). Since thermal stability is the key date for a safe triphosgene usage, sense of responsibility charges to investigate these wrong data.
To find out, why some analysts published wrong data, we checked up how latter could be obtained and interpreted. Generally when carrying out a DSC (differential scan calorimeter) measuring, crucibles of aluminium are commonly used. Thus we used an alu (instead of glass) crucible for the triphosgene DSC measuring. These experiments had run completely different to those in crucibles of glass (1a). ...

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