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PROTELAN GC: Cleansing without compromise.

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Cleanser technology has come a long way from merely cleansing to providing mildness
and moisturizing benefits as well. It is known that harsh surfactants in cleansers can cause damage to skin proteins and lipids, leading to after-wash tightness, dryness, barrier damage, irritation, and even itch.
In order to provide skin-care benefits, cleansing products has to minimize surfactant
damage to skin proteins and lipids. Secondly, they must deposit and deliver beneficial agents such as occlusive, skin lipids, and humectants under wash conditions to improve skin hydration, as well as mechanical and visual properties. While all surfactants tend to interact to some degree with lipids, their interaction with proteins can vary significantly, depending upon the nature of their functional head group.
Studies have shown that surfactants that cause significant skin irritation interact strongly with skin proteins. Based on this understanding, several surfactants and surfactant mixtures have been identified as “less irritating” mild surfactants because of their diminished interactions with skin proteins.

There are some Surfactants that interact minim ...

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