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World’s 1st Online Food Exhibition

Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech

Products and Services Focus

Food and Beverages;Food ingredients and additives;Health Products and Health Products Raw Material;International Exhibitior pavilion

General Information

As the whole world battles the spread of COVID-19, many exhibitions were cancelled or postponed. The food export enterprises and foreign trade enterprises can’t do business via exhibitons like before, which caused a serious impact to those enterprises. We even don’t know when will the COVID-19 end.

In March 2020, the 21FOOD International Online Exhibition—Food Additives and Ingredients exhibition  was successfully held. It was attracting 1,013 manufacturing companies to attend. The quantity of online exhibits reached 6,714. The online visitors was 126,451, including the Xu Fuji, COFCO Sugar, Xianle Health, Herbalife , Yili, Tsingtao Brewery, Haidilao Holdings, Amendment Group, Baixiang Food and more than 200 head brands. And the average daily click reached 27,193. The special food machinery in April and special food&beverage in May are developing in steady.

With the accumulation of more than 20 years of global buyers’ large database and experience in successfully hosting online food exhibitions, 21FOOD is launching the world’s first online food exhibition-21FOOD International Online Exhibition, “FOE”. A new model of “Global Online Order Grabbing” is starting.

“FOE” with the help of the application of Internet technology in the food industry in the past 20 years, has accurately analyzed the global food industry database and provided foreign trade companies with a series of services such as online display, online matching and accurate buyer matching. Foreign trade enterprises can find global buyers at home, take orders and expand markets.

“FOE” will accurately create scenarios for the practical application of offline analog products through short video transmission, corporate live broadcasting, online meetings, etc., so that participating companies can display online more comprehensively, truly and vividly, and shape their corporate brand image. To attract more overseas buyers in a more intuitive and perceptual way and increase the conversion rate and transaction rate of customer orders.”

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