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Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference 2020

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Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference, 2-3 June 2020, Royal College of General Practitioners, London


The Anti-Ageing Skin Care conference has been running biennially since 2008 and is one of the leading events in the industry calendar. The 7th edition of the Anti-Ageing conference series will take place on 2-3 June 2020 and is set to attract over 150 attendees. The 2020 theme is Outside In and Inside Out – a holistic approach to anti-ageing.


Skin care regimes and topical treatments are the cornerstone of maintaining good skin condition and protection from the environment; however, we can take lessons from other aspects of skin ageing such as the importance of genetics and overall lifestyle.


The Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference 2020 will take a holistic look at skin anti-ageing and attempt to draw on related areas of anti-ageing and apply these to skin care approaches and treatments.


The skin microbiome is currently a major area of controversy and development in this sector. The conference will explore the skin microbiome and skin health, and its possible impact on skin ageing. It will ask how much do we know about the skin microbiome and its importance in young and ageing skin? What claims can be made for enhancing or protecting the skin microbiome?


The conference will also discuss important skin care actives, new formulation and biometric technologies, and methodologies in anti-ageing skin care.


During the two-day conference we will hear from invited world-renowned experts on skin ageing and skin care. In addition to the 20 presentations there will be an expert open forum and opportunities for discussion throughout the event. The conference will give the delegates a comprehensive update on this very important scientific area and product category.

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