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Boulder Peptide Symposium 2019

Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today

The Boulder Peptide Symposium seeks to bring together key decision leaders from both industry and academia to discuss the future of peptide therapeutics. Peptide therapeutics are potent and highly selective yet their development into effective treatments can be challenged by limited delivery routes, product stability, manufacturing challenges and an evolving regulatory landscape. BPS is the key forum where these challenges will be identified, discussed, and one day—addressed.

LEARN from experts on challenges and solutions in pharmaceutical development.

– NEW: Spotlight on Discovery: Learn about new targets for peptide therapeutics

– SIX Case studies from peptide clinical development

– Choose from workshops on regulatory pathways, and device product development

– Success stories from our CEO round table

– Business strategy from 14 startups in Peptide Showcase

CONNECT your company, technology or service with a diverse community.

– Thought Leaders from Pharma

– Scientists from Emerging Biotechs

– Service providers from all CRO, CMO segments

– Consultants with extensive experience

– Academic researchers with cutting edge technology and tools

NETWORK in a relaxed and informal setting

– The symposium agenda includes an extensive social program with networking sessions designed to keep the audience engaged with each other.

– Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included with the registration fee

– A pre-event networking tool is available to allow attendees to request meetings

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