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Personalised Nutrition Summit 2019

Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech

Personalised nutrition is big business – it’s estimated that the market will reach upwards of $11.5 billion by 2025. The nutrition industry is shifting as increasingly health conscious and hyperconnected consumers seek personalised products – introducing the Personalised Nutrition Summit 2019, 3rd – 4th October, 2019 in London.



As we witness change in consumer buying habits from mass produced goods to personalised products and services, the nutrition space is no exception – but how does the nutrition industry provide for n=1 and meet the demand for this new and rapidly growing consumer trend?


We’re delighted to be returning to London this October, for the Personalised Nutrition Summit. Last year we focused on the multiple testing methods available, big data capture and analysis, as well as the underlying clinical research behind the efficacy of personalised nutrition. This year, the summit focuses on the creation of commercially viable business models and product development strategies; from drastic changes to supply chain and points of manufacture.


Join disruptive start-ups in biological data capture and data analysis, as well as retailers, investors, insurers, ingredients suppliers and leading nutrition and CPG companies, to assess the art behind personalisation, and develop commercially successful business models and partnerships driving personalised products and services.


The future of nutrition is personalised – don’t get left behind.


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