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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

Biocatalysis in drug development of neurodegenerative diseases: a mini review

Catalytic Ugi reactions: Current advances, future challenges – Part 2

Combining flow conditions and recoverable catalysts and media for sustainable C–H functionalization processes

Engineering life into new chemical transformations

Advances in catalysis: engineered enzymes for efficient API synthesis

Steps towards an efficient and sustainable catalytic process

Catalytic Ugi reactions: current advances, future challenges – part 1

A technology platform to chiral amines: selected examples in asymmetric organocatalysis

Devising efficient routes to industrial chemicals: a comparison of the alkylation and metathesis synthesis of N-Boc-3-pyrroline

The coming of age of homogeneous ester hydrogenation – Gusev catalysts: Why, how and when to use them

An overview of immobilized enzymes used in the industry

Methane monooxygenase and their potential role in methane mitigation

How to optimise the immobilization of amino transaminases on synthetic enzyme carriers, to achieve up to a 13-fold increase in performances

Biocatalysis takes to flow

Biocatalytic hydrogen-borrowing cascades

Applications of phenylalanine ammonia lyases in synthesis
Access to enantiopure arylalanines from laboratory scale to industrial production

Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl Ir(III) metallacycles: recent developments in catalysis

Ag0 and Au0 nanoparticles encapsulated in sol-gel matrices as catalysts in reductive de-halogenation reactions

Platinum-based polymeric microreactors for hydrosilylation of alkynes in water

Influence of oxygen partial pressure on wettability and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 films grown by RF magnetron sputtering

Catalytic routes towards bio-renewable glucaric acid

Unravelling the mystery of palladium acetate
Investigations of high purity palladium acetate and its two common impurities

Hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition at room temperature AgPd@Pd/TiO2 core–shell nanocatalyst prepared by microwave heating

Application of CataCXium®
ligands in Pd-catalysed carbonylations of (hetero)aryl halides

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