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- 04/26/2017

TroyCare™ Featured Customized Preservative Solutions at In-Cosmetics Global

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Troy Corporation exhibited its TroyCare™ line of advanced antimicrobials for cosmetics and personal care products at In-Cosmetics Global in London, UK from April 4-6th. The TroyCare™ featured a full line of broad-spectrum antimicrobials based on the leading ingredients for safe, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective preservation.


Customized Preservative Solutions                

Troy featured its expanding line of Customized Preservative Solutions, based on the latest ‘greener’, milder ingredients. The line of TroyCare™ Customized Preservative Solutions offers formulators the opportunity to choose the ratio of antibacterial and antifungal protection optimized for their specific systems. “Every formulation is unique,” says David Koehl, Troy’s Global Head – Home & Personal Care. “Use the preservative that is optimized for your formulation. TroyCare™ Customized Preservative Solutions enable custom-tailored protection of personal care products, resulting in optimal protection and minimized preservation cost.”

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