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- 05/16/2017

Biogen adds an experimental stroke treatment to its pipeline for $120 million

Pharma Horizon

Biogen ha decided to buy acquire an experimental stroke treatment from Remedy Pharmaceuticals (a biotech company based in New York)  for $120 million.

Even if  Biogen is best known for its portfolio of multiple sclerosis drugs, the company is now  focusing  on the launch of the company’s infant disease drug, Spinraza, and  also on a promising neuroscience pipeline.

From this pipeline there is already what it can be called frontrunner for the treatment of late-stage Alzheimer, it could become indeed the first drug in the world to treat the underlying cause of the disease.
Furthermore Biogen has recently agreed to pay $300 million to license an experimental Alzheimer’s drug from Bristol-Myers Squibb that the Cambridge biotech plans to quickly push into mid-stage studies.

Moreover, Biogen is developing (currently in a Phase 2b study) another drug , called natalizumab, that is designed to limit brain inflammation after strokes.

After the statement released on Monday Biogen will add to its pipeline Cidara, a treatment that’s now in trials for a severe kind of stroke called or LHI ( large hemispheric infarction) causing  brain swelling that can also lead to death.


 Source: Boston Business Journal