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Flamma SpA
Our Passion, Your success


FLAMMA SpAAPI’s – Generics Market; Gaetano Tedesco – Marketing & Sales Director,
Custom Synthesis USA; Ken Drew – Director, US Sales & Business Development,
Custom Synthesis; General Manager FLAMMA S.A.S.,

FLAMMA SpA is a leading Fine Chemical Company established in 1950 based in the Bergamo area (North Italy) with specific expertise in the field of API’s, Amino acids and Related Compounds.
Our capabilities range from Research & Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of API’s, Amino Acids derivatives classified as starting materials/key intermediates (Pharmaceutical or Cosmetic & Nutraceuticals field) for the Custom Synthesis, Contract Manufacturing and Generic Market.
From the beginning of its history, Flamma’s core chemistry has been related to Amino Acids, producing Amino acids salts and derivatives used m