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- 04/22/2024

HALLSTAR BEAUTY – Reveal skin serenity with BLISS Oléoactif®

HPC Today

Chronic exposure to mental stress negatively affects skin, leading to wrinkles, dullness, redness and more. 

Hallstar Beauty has used its natural actives expertise to create an ingredient that inhibits the Monoamine Oxidase A (MAO-A) enzyme, boosting serotonin production and thus constraining stress’s impact on skin.

Developed using the Oléo-éco-extraction process (100% recycled waste), BLISS Oléoactif® combines the benefits of linden sapwood with sunflower oil, both from responsible, organic, and local (French) sources.

  • First oil-based active ingredient enriched with linden sapwood compounds
  • Only active ingredient on the market that targets the serotonin pathway through MAO-A enzyme inhibition
  • Modulates genes affected by stress with sunlight and antidepressant mimetic effects
  • Reduces depth and length of stress-induced forehead wrinkles by -25% and -26% respectively
  • Enhances skin glow by +28% after 28 days and controls redness and imperfections