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- 04/22/2024

HALLSTAR BEAUTY – Introducing Surfinesse™ Cleanse, a natural solution for cleansing efficacy

HPC Today

When it comes to facial cleansing products, ‘like dissolves like.’ Water-based cleansers partially remove long-lasting make-up, sunscreens and other products that contain film-forming ingredients but detergents that are oil-based are more effective. But oil cleansers have a downside: their greasy after-feel. Formulators commonly remove this greasiness by adding surfactants – usually PEG derivatives.  

Meet Surfinesse™, our newest Functional Natural line of PEG-free surfactants based on olive oil chemistry. 

Surfinesse™ Cleanse is the first launch in this new product line. It was created by our Hallstar Italia team to efficiently remove long-lasting make-up and daily skin debris while leaving a pleasant, smooth and hydrated after-feel.