A Word With…
Roger-Marc Nicoud, President and CEO of Ypso-Facto

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Dr. Nicoud, you have had a successful entrepreneurial career for the last 20 years, why hand over and start a new company from scratch again?
By successful you probably refer to the creation and development of Novasep. At that time my goal was to use my passion for sophisticated process modeling and simulation to develop new continuous separation processes. Over the years, managing Novasep did not leave me much time for scientific activities. Later, I returned to my roots and wrote a book on chromatographic process simulation. Creating Ypso-Facto was not planned; it came as a “revelation”.

You have named your company YPSO-FACTO, why?
I was looking for something “different” and the Latin expression ipso facto (meaning “as a direct consequence”) came to my mind. I played a little bit with the words and changed the I into a Y, YPSO being the acronym for Your Process Secured and Optimized.

Why did you create this company? Could ... ...