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Adiponectin, a new target for body tonification


*Corresponding author
Lipotec S.A.U. Pol. Ind. Camí Ral. Isaac Peral, 17. 08850 Gavà, Spain


Regular exercise practice helps define and improve the silhouette, whereas physical inactivity is linked to minor muscle tone and resistance, which normally translates into body sagginess. The efficacy of a biotechnological ingredient that mimics the effect aerobic physical training on body tone and silhouette definition is presented. The ingredient enhances the secretion of adiponectin, which is normally induced by physical exercise, in human adipocytes. This results in an increase of mitochondrial activity in human skeletal fibres, favouring the slow type of fibres, responsible for muscle tonicity and resistance. In a clinical test, the subjects combined the application of a cream containing the active ingredient with the practise of standardized exercise training. The results showed a redefinition of body silhouette with the active alone and even better results when it was accompanied with exercise. The ingredient reduced the abdominal skin fold as well as the contour of abdomen, thighs and arms.


Levels of physical activity seem to have declined over the past decades and a significant percentage of population has sedentary lifestyles, but it does not mean that the importance of body image has dropped. Actually, body shape is agreed to play a clear role in self-perception and also in self-esteem and personal wellbeing. Thus, silhouette is still an important concern even if stressful daily lifestyles involve less physical activity and less time to exercise (1).
Aging and physical inactivity tend to alter the more slimmed and toned figure that is normally associated with a young and attractive figure. Some of the changes that deteriorate the silhouette are quite well characterized, so several strategies can be applied to postpone or diminish them. It is agreed that the epidermis suffers continuous external assaults and becomes thinner, the extracellular matrix constituents (collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid) of the dermal connective tissue are reduced and there is a metabolism slowdown and redistribution of the subcutaneous adipose tissue with a major accumulation of fat in some local areas, especially abdomen, buttoc ...

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