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Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech: 30 years later


Editorial Director (TKS Publisher)

It was 30 years ago when Agro FOOD Industry hi-tech (the original name was Agro Industry Hi Tech), was born. I recall those days very well. We were in a time of great agricultural ferment, that would have yielded great innovation that allowed, literally, to provide more food to the world, by increasing food production capacities and thus respond to the increasing demand in terms of quantity and, of course, quality and safety.

It was a time of great excitement, as always when you live a period of innovation and great expectations.

After having started the journal Chemistry Today and having consolidated its position in the scientific press of the sector (fine chemistry), the Publisher had been thinking about launching a specific publication in the field of food.

And, obviously, when you think to food, one’s mind immediately pictures bread. Bread, a primordial food with powerful biblical suggestions, so necessary and indispensable in all its infinite peculiarities, cultural aspects. Bread identifies people. While Debussy said that “you learn about certain people only after listening ...

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