Alfredo Radice, CEO, Gale&Cosm


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What is the history of Gale & Cosm? How did a small Italian raw-materials supplier become a leading international company in cosmetic ingredients distribution?
When Gale&Cosm was founded in 2001 it was a small company that started by supplying labs and pharmacies with small quantities of raw materials.


After more than 20 years of hard work and dedication our company has grown to be one of the most successful cosmetic companies in Italy and currently is composed by 13 people, 2 commercial agents and 2 scientific consultants.


To assure the best service and logistic support we can rely on three warehouses. Moreover, we own a plant in Tuscany where we produce our Natural Snail Secretion.


Other than me, two family members work in the company: Marcello, Sales Manager, and Nicolò, who takes care of Export Development.

Our distributor network is composed by 22 companies based in the most important international trade centers around the world.


Gale & Cosm has its own portfolio of ingredients that targets the personal care industry, such as natur ... ...