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An outcome based approach to drug delivery


Bill Welch
Chief Technology Officer
Phillips-Medisize Corporation
Hudson, USA

New and improved drugs are released every year and many companies have initiatives to supply them. Pharma organisations seeking to ensure a premium patient experience are leveraging smart, connected medicine delivery technologies and connected health solutions that enable patients to adhere to their prescribed medicines and to evidence outcomes.
While proficient in drug development, most of them do not have the expertise required to fully produce a drug delivery device. Instead, they are increasingly looking to external partners for device designs and manufacturing.

The global delivery of healthcare has become more focused on medical outcomes, achieving results for patients and tying industry incentives to those results. As with any fundamental change in business structure, this is happening slowly and at different rates around the world. The case for change, however, is strong and compelling.
Population growth and rising incomes create further demand for access to healthcare; incidences of lifestyle-related health conditions like diabetes occur more frequently; and technological innovation continues to support increasing targeted disease and associated th ...

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