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User’s safety and patient adherence: progress and perspectives

Philippe Arnaud
Université de Paris Descartes,
Pharmaceutical sciences Department

Paris, France


The role of packaging is discussed by analyzing the different key parameters for innovation. The critical points are: the safety of use both with respect to the consumer and the environment; This requires a good knowledge of the use of medication by the healthy or patient and to make the choice of materials that are both compatible with the drug and non-polluting. The use of digital and innovations as complementary tools make it possible to put the patient at the heart of the health system and to make responsible as an actor of his health.


The actors in the packaging sector are rather optimistic for the years to come. 63% of buyers and packaging manufacturers are planning to increase production in the next three years, against 60% and 58% respectively in 2014, according to the Packaging Observatory. On the purchaser’s side, this momentum is mainly supported by 83% of buyers of distribution and e-commerce. And the food and beverage sector is regaining confidence. 68% growth prospects in 2015, compared with 62% in 2014.The sector of the packaging is, according to the National Council of the Packaging, the most innovative of all. The individualization. The decrease of the sizes, the valuation of products, the notions of service, support and advice, in particular in graphic development, appear to be important also. We are partisans of the said production «of the cradle in the cradle». That is, that we are able of designing and of producing packaging’s realized from materials recycled to contribute to a certain concept of environmental ethics. The main challenge is to be able to answer the technical constraint with products most ecologically persons in charge.

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