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The ingredient list, or INCI list, can be a real goldmine for those skilled in the art: understanding what other Formulators use when developing a cosmetic product is an interesting part of our job.
It is educational as well as insightful.

This is a basic personal hygiene item, so probably nothing really exciting, some of you might think.
However, we all know the challenges behind formulating toothpastes: getting the right rheology profile, the right viscosity, the right gloss, the shape of the ribbon, the flavour, absence of base taste, foamy but not too much, abrasive but not too much.
Complexity behind apparent simplicity.
But, this is not “only” a toothpaste: this is a black whitening toothpaste!
It makes me wonder whether or not brushing my teeth with a black paste would put me off: what about you?
Aubergine Charcoal has been traditionally used in Japan for its whitening properties: coupled with Charcoal Powder it creates a black colour which is certainly an unusual, rather unique format for toothpastes in general, whitening toothpastes m ...

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