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CESIO Barcelona 2013

Megatrends and New Markets CESIO 2013 is looking forward to new record attendance

More than 1,200 attendants are expected for the ninth CESIO World Surfactants Congress from June 10 - 12 2013 in Barcelona. In 2013, the novel, application-oriented concept for the event will be systematically put into practice for the first time. Thus, the European surfactants organization CESIO (European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates) takes into account the wide application range of surfactants. Today already, just over a year before the opening, there is keen demand for the 52 offered booths.

Nearly all products, which are used in aqueous solution, contain surfactants as solubilizer. This imparts an enormous application variability to surfactants, e.g. in detergents and cleaning agents, waterborne lacquers, cosmetics, as auxiliaries for the textile industry and even as additives for road construction. The organizers of the ninth CESIO World Surfactants Congress bring together all the various expectations under the slogan „Surfactants today and tomorrow – mapping the megatrends“.
In addition to the scientific issues, the extensive program of the event goes more closely into aspects of use and business. Thus, the organizers give important thought-provoking impulses to a wide public: Scientists, producers of starting material and finished products and also representatives of legislatorial institutions, they all get the chance for information and close dialogue about the most recent trends by the „Business Convention“ concept. The new biennial rotation makes it easier to keep in touch about spezial topics, such as harmonization of the contents of product labels or the generation of standard basis data as criteria for the „carbon footprint.“
The Congress will also take into account the different consumer behavior of emerging countries, such as Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Thomas Greindl, CESIO president, points out: “The choice of the events location in Barcelona signals our opening towards Latin America. We would interest more guests from Brasil and other emerging regions for the event, because anyhow it will be about their future, their chances for development“.

The European surfactant organization CESIO (European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates) was set up in 1974. Today, it represents more than 70 % of the surfactant manufacturers. CESIO addresses issues affecting the European industry of organic surfactants and their intermediates. It aims to develop new scientific knowledge in human health and environment to optimize the safe use of surfactants and to secure Industry’s contribution to the beneficial development of society at large.
In 1991, CESIO initiated ERASM (Environment & Health Risk ASsessment and Management) in response to ongoing risk assessment activities in Europe and subsequently, CESIO companies played an active role in the development of HERA (Human & Environmental Risk Assessment on ingredients of household cleaning products).
In 2009, the total annual tonnage of surfactants produced in Western Europe was 2.8 million Tonnes, the total turnover of the surfactants industry in Western Europe was 3.2 billion € at that time.

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in-cosmeticts Paris 16-18 April 2013

in-cosmetics 2013 announces finalists for Lifetime Achievement Award

The nominations are in and in-cosmetics 2013 can unveil the final three still in the running for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Nominations came in from far and wide, but Dene Godfrey, Karl Lintner and Klaus Stanzl stood out, and have been selected as the three finalists to battle it out in the public vote
The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises the outstanding accomplishments of individuals who have made a significant impact on the cosmetic and personal care industry. The winner will be officially announced at in-cosmetics 2013 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles Paris on 16 April. You can vote for your winner at before 1st April.

Dene Godfrey

Dene Godfrey has been working in the cosmetics industry for 32 years and has gained recognition by his peers for his work in the field of preservatives and consumer education. He has held a number of key roles at companies such as The Boots Company and Nipa Laboratories. In 2002 he founded MGS MicroPure and established the Paratexin brand name in the UK and several other markets.
Dene currently works at Azelis, responsible for both technical and commercial aspects of preservation systems. He is an active member of the UK Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) and was President in 2009/2010. During his career, Dene has contributed to many industry publications and has had letters published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr Karl Lintner

Dr Karl Lintner, who holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, is well known in the industry for his contribution to work on skin biochemistry. After ten years researching Biological Peptides at the Nuclear Research Centre in Saclay, France, he moved on to positions at leading companies including Henkel and SEDERMA, where he was CEO for ten years.
During his career Dr Lintner has filed several dozen patents, published numerous articles and book chapters on cosmetics ingredients and is an active member of SCC (US) and SFC (France). He is currently an independent consultant and president of KAL’IDEES, as well as editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. He received the Maison-de-Navarre Medal of the SCC (US) in 2012.

Dr Klaus Stanzl

Dr Klaus Stanzl has dedicated his career to the cosmetics industry and has played an integral part in the research and development of pioneering cosmetic innovations. After obtaining his Ph.D. in chemistry, he started his career in quality management and later became Vice President at Lancaster where he worked on launches including the patented Skin Therapy technology.
In 2004 he became CEO and president at Symrise Inc USA and worked on projects including developing an alternative method to animal testing. Dr Stanzl is a member of the German Society of Cosmetic Chemists and is co-owner of more than thirty patents and has published over fifty scientific publications worldwide.

Lucy Gillam, Event Director, in-cosmetics said: “I’d like to give a big congratulations to all our finalists. Everyone who has been nominated deserves recognition within the industry, and we look forward to the awards ceremony in Paris when the winner will be revealed.”

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The Organic & Natural Beauty Show

The Organic & Natural Beauty Show is the first trade show in Europe purely dedicated to natural and organic beauty products from around the world. The show covers cosmetics, raw materials, ingredients and packaging, anti-ageing, slimming products, nutritional supplements and vitamins. Exclusively dedicated to the natural and organic beauty industry, it offers a unique networking platform for exchanging ideas, launching new products and meeting UK and European retailers, distributors and health and beauty professionals.
The exhibition and conference is taking place on 2-3 June 2013 at Excel in London and will attract over 12,000 professionals, 150 exhibitors and 60 speakers. Keynote speakers will notably include Janey Lee Grace (BBC Radio Presenter), Julie Tyrrell (NATRUE), Peter Melchett (The Soil Association), Harald Dittmar (BDIH), Valérie Lemaire (Ecocert), Betty Santonnat (Cosmebio), Chris Flower (CTPA) and Riccardo Anouchinsky (ICEA). The show will also be hosting the Natural Health Beauty Awards Ceremony, one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the natural cosmetic industry awarding over 50 organic and natural beauty products.
The event is supported by the industry’s leading professional associations and certification bodies such as The Soil Association, CTPA, NATRUE, Ecocert, Cosmebio, BDIH, EcoControl, IMO, ICEA, Ccpb and Demeter.

The Organic & Natural Beauty Show



Visitors Crowd the Show Floor to Visit a Record Number of Exhibiting Companies
PCHi 2013, a leading international cosmetics & toiletries (C&T) event, officially opened its doors to a immense number of delegates, welcoming a total of 4,790 personal care trade professionals only in the first day keen on viewing innovations from the 353 ingredient suppliers exhibiting at the show. This figure was a significant 42% increase over Day 1 visitorship in 2012. Through 15 March, industry players will continued to source for ingredients, network and share knowledge, all under one roof.
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE), the organizers of PCHi, also announced details of PCHi 2014, which will be held from 19 to 21 February 2014, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Just as the China and international C&T markets expect bullish performance in the year ahead, the upcoming seventh edition of the trade event also expects to receive even more attendees.
Lynn XU, Project Manager, commented, “PCHi 2013 opened to much fanfare, and the showfloor was abuzz with activity today. This is a strong indication that, since 2008, PCHi has provided a conducive platform that continually and effectively meets the industry’s needs. In order to enhance a formulator’s experience at future editions of PCHi, we plan to roll out the PCHi Chemist & Formulator Club for PCHi 2014.”

PCHi Chemist & Formulator Club
The new PCHi Chemist & Formulator Club is for industry professionals directly involved in creation of personal care products, who have attended PCHi for at least three consecutive years. Registered chemists and formulators will be entitled to various benefits, including special rates for the PCHi conference, invitations to exclusive networking events, and fast-track onsite registration.
XU shared, “PCHi 2014 is still in the early stages of planning at the moment, but we definitely plan to inject other new elements into PCHi 2014, just as the 2013 show has witnessed numerous contemporary additions.”

Fresh Innovations
Innovation is key in the personal care sector, where brands constantly look to formulate beauty products using the latest and most cutting edge ingredients. This year, PCHi presented a significant 27% increase in the number of booths in the halls, and amongst these 353 exhibitors, 15 companies selected PCHi 2013 as their choice platform to launch some 26 personal care solutions.

New Conference Partnerships
PCHi 2013 featured the strongest conference line-up to date, as new partnerships with established industry bodies and renowned market research firms introduced contemporary educational themes.
Euromonitor and Mintel, provided insight on the latest market trends. In addition, industry experts from local associations - Hong Kong Society of Cosmetic Chemists (HKSCC), International Cosmetics (Asia Pacific) Joint Development Centre (ICJDC) and Guangdong Food & Cosmetics Testing Centre (CTC) - shed light into current issues, recent regulatory changes and the latest formulatory developments.
The 2013 conference program also featured the mainstay New Technology Sessions, which gave all trade show attendees the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the science and technology behind new-to-market ingredients.

NEXUS - A Networking Session for VIP Personal Care Industry Professionals at PCHi
For the first time since its first edition six years ago, PCHi hosted the inaugural NEXUS, a networking session that brought together the top minds in the personal care industry. Leaders from ingredient manufacturers, personal care brands, local trade associations, as well as industry media, congregated on the second morning of PCHi 2013 for a time of knowledge exchange. Euromonitor shared its latest findings about the global cosmetics and toiletries industry, and provided details about upcoming trends at NEXUS.
Like many other PCHi activities, NEXUS was set to be a perennial event that connects high-level professionals within the beauty industry to achieve greater synergy between suppliers, manufacturers, industry bodies and trade media.

China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards (CPCIA)
The CPCIA ceremony honored companies that have demonstrated innovation in the designing of new ingredients, and lauded cutting edge formulations that were released in the China market between 2011 and 2013.
22 winning companies featured 24 innovative products and technologies across 10 categories. 

Media Networking Session
The third morning of PCHi saw numerous delegates gathering at the media networking session, to connect with editors from 11 international and domestic trade titles. The event provided industry players with the opportunity to discuss beauty trends with knowledgeable editors, as well as gather insight about local and global trends.
All activities at PCHi 2013 are set to bring personal care professionals from a myriad of geographical locations and companies closer, as they interact and share knowledge with each other. In line with its goal to provide a high-caliber event for the C&T industry, RSE looks to build on its past successes to present a stronger PCHi next year.



SUN PROTECTION CONFERENCE 2013 Sun Protection for the 21st Century

4-5 June 2013, Royal College of Physicians, London, UK - 12th the series of biennial International Sun Protection Conferences

The building blocks defined in the late 20th century such as SPF and UVA standard tests, new sunscreen actives, greater product efficiency, improved product textures and presentations and more, have created technology platforms that should help us launch the next generation of sun protection products.
The general trend towards health and wellbeing is fundamental to what we are trying to achieve in sun protection. The controversy around vitamin D deficiency and sun exposure has raised serious questions concerning possible over-avoidance of sun and the role of sun protection products, whilst on the other hand skin cancer is increasing even though there is a greater awareness of sun damage to the skin. On top of this we have questions of safety of sunscreen actives, in particular the oestrogenic characteristics and the implied effects on water ecology.
It is clear that the sun care industry must continue to improve products and test methods and that we need to work together with other disciplines to create holistic approaches to sun exposure and protection. There are questions on the quality and quantity of sun protection required; the role of regulations as a driver of change, and the development and application of technology to create even better and new types of products.
The Sun Protection Conference will update attendees on the state of the art in sun protection concepts, technology, regulations and product testing and we will discuss and explore the vision of sun protection for the 21st century.


Session 1: Vitamin D, Skin cancer and sun protection
Chairman: Dr Jack Ferguson, Skinnovation Ltd, UK

KEYNOTE - Influencing sun protection behaviour – Lessons learnt, future directions
Craig Sinclair, Cancer Council Victoria, Australia

Vitamin D – does diet matter?
Professor Helen Macdonald, University of Aberdeen, UK

Sun, sunscreens and vitamin D
Professor Antony R Young, King's College London, UK

Vitamin D, photoprotection and Fitzpatrick skin type
Dr Steven Q Wang, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA

Back to business – developing and delivering daily photoprotection
Professor Paul Matts, The Procter & Gamble Company, UK

Session 2: Assessing effectiveness of sun products
Chairman: TBC

The history and the future of SPF testing
Dr Bernd Herzog, BASF, Germany

Predicting the efficacy of suncreens in vivo veritas
Dr Marc Pissavini, Coty - Lancaster, Monaco

Assessment of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) via Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS)
Eduardo Ruvolo, Johnson & Johnson, USA

KEYNOTE - The evolution of human skin pigmentation and its implication for health in the modern world
Professor Nina Jablonski, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Four topical sun protection issues will be discussed by an expert panel


Session 3: Regulation and safety of sunscreens and standardisation of sun product testing
Chairman: Dr J F Nash, The Procter & Gamble Company, USA

Update on ISO test methods for sun protection and review of their adoption worldwide
Dr Dominique Moyal, L’Oréal Research & Innovation, France

Interlaboratory comparisons of functional tests on sunscreen products
Bruno Berken, BIPEA, France

Sunscreen regulations worldwide including emerging markets
Debra Redbourn, dR Cosmetic Regulations, UK

Sunscreen safety in the EU
Professor Vera Rogiers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Session 4: Sun protection products: A future review
Chairman: Dr Jack Ferguson, Skinnovation Ltd, UK

Beyond SPF – Getting that tan back
John Staton, Dermatest Pty Ltd, Australia

The important sensory properties of sunscreens - A sensory analysis of more than 50 sunscreens
Dr Jürgen Vollhardt, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd, Switzerland

What are the future sun protection products expected by the social media users?
Anne Canet-Charpentier, Attraction, France

Formulating sun protection products for the 21st century – Efficacy, elegance and globality
Julian P Hewitt, JPH SunCare Technologies Ltd, UK

This will be an important meeting for all professionals interested in sun protection, including R&D managers and directors, dermatologists, marketing and product managers, retailers of sun care products, regulatory affairs personnel, formulation chemists, product valuation scientists, research scientists, raw materials suppliers and suppliers of sun product testing apparatus.
Speakers are of international reputation and include scientists, regulators, sun protection specialists, dermatologists, national regulatory authorities and product developers from the sun care industry.

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