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Behind the label – What is it?

Neal’s Yard Remedies, Peacemarsh, UK-SP8 4EU, Gillimgham, Dorset, United Kingdom

The ingredient list, or INCI list, can be a real goldmine for those skilled in the art:
understanding what other Formulators use when developing a cosmetic product
is an interesting part of our job. It is educational as well as insightful.

FAME - Tanning Mousse, Gold Edition

FAME, i.e. For All My Eternity, is a luxury Brand that claims to offer natural and organic self-tanning solutions as well as premium products.
This fragrance-free self-tanning mousse features a guide colour to help the user see the product during application and ensure instant results.
It develops into a medium-dark colour to complement existing skin tones.

Self-tanning technology has been around for quite a long time and has hugely developed during this time.
The discovery of the acute and chronic damage that can be caused by exposure to the sun has upgraded the role of self-tan to a safer alternative to sun bathing.
This has been even more enhanced by the recent ban of sun beds in certain Countries, leaving self-tan as the only safe option to get a tan.

This product in particular has been developed as a mousse, utilising a fo ...

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