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Head of the Department Beauty Care, IKW


The generation known as baby boomers was loud, non-conformist and ready to overstep its limits. What has become of the rebels of that time? How is the generation of the baby boomers wired today? How is their self-esteem influenced? – IKW presents a new study which allows an understanding based on depth psychology of the generation of those aged 50-65 – the boomer generation.

After three youth studies which have given IKW (The German Cosmetics, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association) deep insights into the inner life of the young people, the current study allows an understanding based on depth psychology of the generation of those aged 50 to 65 – the boomer generation. In this connection 59 men and women were placed on the couch for interviews of several hours to talk about their life, their fulfilled wishes and still open expectations. More than 1,000 were then surveyed in a representative online panel.



If there is a generation which can handle problems, it is this one. The boomers have already overcome many calamities in their life and believe almost always that one can be master of the situation. There are not many who feel like victims. The large majority of this generation believes that they are the architects of their own fortune. Independence is extremely important for them and many have a strong self- confidence. The special thing about this is that they draw this self-esteem from within. A job which secures them recognition can certainly support this feeling. Just lik ...

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