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Dishwashing tabs manufacturing: equipment features to ensure high output and process consistency


Marketing Manager and Business Development Food & Chemicals at IMA Active, IMA Industria Macchine Automatiche, Bologna, Italy


Detergent tabs can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and packaging alternatives, and the manufacturing process entails different phases, from the initial tablet compression down to primary and then secondary packaging. 

Dishwashing tablet compression process is extremely challenging because of the technical characteristics of the product and of the process itself, and specific technical solutions have to be implemented to ensure both high output and process consistency. In this article we will explore most common process criticalities in dishwashing tablets compression and how IMA is facing these challenges through a dedicated case study.

The global dishwashing tabs market has been valued at 475.6 million in 2019, and is expected to grow at a CARG of 8.4% to 2027 (1). This is due to a growing use of dishwashers: most of households in developed countries own a dish washing machine, but this is becoming more common also in emerging countries as a result of rising GDP. Detergent is generally in powder or liquid/gel form, however the loose product is easily prone to spill over or to be overdosed, leading to excessive use and possible issues with the washing machine.


From consumers’ standpoint, monodoses like powder compressed in tabs or liquid/powder pods are the most convenient solution, so more and more manufacturers are switching to portioned detergents, with the choice between tabs and pods being driven by a number of different factors, like marketing differentiation or process stability and efficiency.


Tablets compression is a reliable and efficient process, and in fact detergent tabs account for nearly 75% of all dishwashing detergents (2), mainly because of their ease of use. One tablet includes several agents covering different functions like detergent, salt, ri ...

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