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Brexit and REACH: an overview for a worst case scenario (no deal)

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Antonio Conto
Chemsafe, Colleretto Giacosa (TO), Italy

Only fews days remain until March 29th, 2019, the deadline for UK to leave EU. What are the perspectives after such a date for the REACH legislation on the whole?

In the event of a no deal, the UK would ensure UK legislation replaces EU legislation via the EU Withdrawal Act; UK has to establish a regulatory framework and build domestic capacity to deliver the functions currently performed by ECHA. The legislation would preserve REACH principles as far as possible.

UK would continue to be able to monitor and evaluate chemicals in the UK to reduce the risk posed to human health and the environment, a key pillar of the EU Reach regulation! It would also minimize disruption to the supply in chemicals. Existing standards of protection of human health and the environment would be maintained. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) would act as the lead UK regulatory authority, from the day the UK leaves the EU, building on its existing capacity and capability.

The new regulatory framework would: enable the registration of new chemicals through a UK IT system that is similar to the existing EU IT system; provide specialist capacity to evaluate the im ...

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