REACH regulation update: Towards a REACH new version in 2022


Chemsafe, Colleretto Giacosa (TO), Italy

Along the last 2-3 years, an intense debate has developed concerning the systematic revision of the REACH regulation (EC Reg. n. 1907/2006) in order to adapt it to the scientific progresses in relation to some specific scientific/regulatory assessments and, on the other hand, to modernize it on the basis of the huge experience due to its multiannual application (since 2007). 

Two main actors are involved in such debate: the EU Competent Authorities mainly EU Commission, ECHA and Members states on one side and the industry representatives on the other side. Both with their legitimate visions and experiences acquired during the 14-year of application with a need to reach a shared synthesis in the new expected regulation. Other stakeholders involved in such revision are surely the Scientific Community (which needed support for topics as Endocrine Disrupting Chemical and combined Risk Assessment of substances and mixtures) and the Civil Society (all of us) who are the ones who benefit from the effective application of the regulation.


Moreover, the REACH revision will be the result also of the recent announced ...