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Artificial intelligence and toxicology/ risk assessment: the unknown future

REACH REGULATION UPDATE 2024: What is expected

REACH regulation update 2024: what is expected

PIE: Pharmaceutical into Environment: a part of the One Health Approach

Essential use of chemicals. An update

PFAS: the biggest restriction proposal ever

Regulatory toxicology: more experts needed

The occupational exposure level determination based on toxicological approach

REACH REGULATION: What’s new about polymers

Environmental Risk Assessment of Medicinal Products: a complex issue

Essential use of chemicals. Opportunities or constrains

What the European Medicines Agency (EMA)’s choice of Digital Application Dataset Integration (DADI) means for Pharma

EU Green Chemical Legislation and its impact to industry

Extractable and Leachables in drug products – The toxicological and risk evaluation

One Health approach. Non only relevant but necessary!

Circular Economy, Substainability and Chemistry: a challenge!

Nitrosamine in drug products: an open discussion


SCIP, Waste framework directive and REACH regulation

REACH regulation update: Towards a REACH new version in 2022

The EU chemical strategy for sustainability towards a toxic-free environment

Microplastics: the environmental risk assessment, general criteria and approaches

Impurities in drugs: a toxicological approach is needed

Regulatory affairs: New challenges and new skills needed

REACH…and beyond!

Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of drugs: an overview

Microplastics: a new challenge for environment and human health

What’s new about BPR?

Endocrine Disrupting Substances (EDS) and implication in EU regulations

From “in vivo” studies to alternative methods. An update

Regulatory Toxicology: indispensable in many regulations, an overview

Pharma intermediates Overview on Light Registration procedure after last deadline

Brexit and REACH: an overview for a worst case scenario (no deal)

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