Digital Transformation Of The Production-Based Pharmaceutical Industry


Raybow Pharmaceutical, Germany


Digitization transforms the economy on a global level. This also includes the pharmaceutical industry. There is clearly a trend towards new technologies and implementing automatization using AI in the production-based pharmaceutical industry. Modular facilities are the future, be it in API- or FDF-production.

Digitization is the trend of our century. Wherever you look, digital technologies are on the way to market entry and dominate more and more development areas. Digitalization is  setting new standards for the economy. Examples for other industrial sectors which have been transformed by digitization are the financial industry or service-oriented industries. Data is the new currency of our time. It is essential for the new economy and it points a way into a new age. This development also affects the pharmaceutical industry, although it is still a largely paper-based industry. However, the degree of digitization of the pharmaceutical industry is still quite low compared to other industries. This is due to several factors: From regulatory concerns to production topics to financial aspects. However, a distinction must be made between the marketing-based and production-based sectors of pharmaceutical industry. The focus of this article lies on production-based areas of the industry.



The dilemma the production-based pharmaceutical industry is facing is how to digi ...