Covid-19 as digital accelerator in pharmaceutical supply chains


Qualifyze, Germany


Co-founder Florian Hildebrand gives insights on trend topics of pharmaceutical supply chains in this article. Digitalisation has taken great steps forward through the global pandemic. These steps resulted in big changes in all industries, especially focusing on API supply chains. The trend topics contain smart packaging, remote audits, data sharing and digital marketplaces. Each of these fields brought up new businesses. Hildebrand explains where his company Qualifyze helps their customers to tackle these changes. Additionally, he introduces other innovation leaders in the different fields and how their services and products can help. Concluding, the pharma industry is facing digital changes that are here to stay. When pharmaceutical companies adapt to these challenges, this can result in competitive advantages.


2020 has forced many industries to rethink the way that they conduct business. Many shops and restaurants have had to close down entirely as they could not transition their business model, whilst other services like online shopping or food deliveries have seen unparalleled growth. Covid-19 has forced the world of business to become more digitally minded. Although Germany is portrayed as being on the front line when it comes to technology, small businesses are quite passive when it comes to functional consumer tech, such as wireless payment technology, etc. As a German native, I have always struggled to pay with a card in many restaurants, shops, or bars. Since the pandemic, this technology has been widely incorporated into many of these services to reduce the physical exchange of cash that could potentially aid the transmission of diseases.



The Pharmaceutical industry has seen considerable changes during COVID-19 - particularly for companies that have been directly involved in the prevention and treatment of the virus. There has been a rapid ...