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Conventional and new foods: health and nutritional claims
The new functional role of food

University of Turin, Dept. Drug Science and Technology
Via Pietro Giuria 9, Torino, 10215, Italy


The food is changing, it is not only a nutrient product, but it is able to influence our well-being: the food can exertpositive effects, as reported in health claims. An increasing number of foods labelled and advertised in the Communitybear nutrition and health claims. The food categories are different: classic food, functional food, food supplement, foodadded with vitamins and minerals, food for particular uses, novel food. In order to ensure a high level of protection forconsumers and to facilitate their choice, products put on the market must be safe and adequately labelled. The Europeanlaw generally prohibits the use of information that would mislead the purchaser or attribute medicinal properties to food.Information for the consumer has to be supported by scientific study, mainly clinical or observational study. The novelty isthe clinical or the observational study for a food product, and the EFSA and the national Authority help the companies inthis new industrial approach.


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