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Dietary supplements: an important tool to fill in the gaps in your diet


Managing Editor, TKS Publisher

Dear Reader,

the May/June issue of this year foresees a focus on Dietary supplements.

As indicated by Bernd Haber – Basf – in his article, healthcare costs are steadily increasing: improving overall health instead of treating diseases should be a key cornerstone of any future health policy. Regular use of food supplements in specific risk groups has demonstrated to have a significant potential to reduce disease risks and save on corresponding healthcare costs. Shawn Watson - Senescence Life Sciences – has devoted his life to the exploration of mid-life interventions, specifically the role lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet play in ameliorating the deleterious effects of cognitive decline. In his article he indicates a few challenges that need to be addressed before we wider acceptance of the therapeutic potential of health supplements is seen. We shouldn’t forget also Regulatory issues. Irene Wohlfahrt -analyze & realize – underlines the fact that in Europe Member States have begun to devise their own legislation for example for botanicals and for the maximum permitted levels of vitamins and minerals, wh ...

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