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Digitalisation in the Cleaning Sector: a vector for quality and skills advancement


European Cleaning and Facility Services Industry (EFCI) 


In the context the digital transformation in the European economy, this article addresses the main digital trends operating in the cleaning industry, taking the French scenario as a valuable case study. Further it presents the different initiatives through which the EFCI, recognised Social Partner for industrial cleaning, is supporting the sector through a successfully-lead digital transition. 

With a focus on EFCI’s project “SK-Clean – Digitalisation in the cleaning sector” it then points at how, with the adequate support in the development of innovative training systems, the digital transition might become an opportunity to enhance professionalism and innovation in the industry.


As the already rapid digital transformation of the European economy is being accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the cleaning sector is no exception in this process. The ongoing digital transformation of industrial cleaning, including the development of digital tools (software, sensors and robots, internet of things exc…) are changing the way cleaning companies operate and sell their services. Upskilling and re-skilling are urgent priorities to ensure that workers and companies in the cleaning sector are adequately equipped for the challenges ahead. 

Together with the novel hygiene requirements and cleaning protocols to contain the spread of Covid-19, the technological and environmental transformations are some of the main drivers of the evolution in the skill sets of the cleaning industry’s workforce. In this regard, the EFCI is at work to support the industry to be up to the challenge of equipping cleaning associations and companies with the necessary tools to ensure that cleaning agents acquire the required expertise to meet these challenges and reach their full potential.


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