Probiotics: the new integrated smart cleaning


BBA Ecotech S.r.l., Milano, Italy


Starting with an overview of the industrial cleaning using beneficial microorganisms, throughout several application cases from floors to organic stains cleaning to effectively understanding the added value of Probiotic-cleansers.

Anything but a simple detergent! How to combine beneficial bacterial blends in cleaners and why. Large application fields for both household and professional market combining high performances, green eco-sustainability and a long-lasting depuration activity. Bacteria are the cleaning agents of the future, changing the concept of “fighting” the dirt to an innovative idea of “Living cleaning” that positively colonizes surfaces by creating an efficient bio-balanced environment, without having a negative environmental impact, but rather promoting a continuous depuration process.


Almost all bacteria have a useful purpose, starting from supporting many forms of life and proceeding even in the use in industrial processes, they are the dominant living creatures on Earth and they have always been present for 4 billion years and are extremely adaptable to several kind of ecological habitats. 

Main feature of bacteria is their metabolic capacity, they can use almost any organic compound as a food source, their skills of working in synergy in a consortium makes them beneficial ecological agents to be applied in several kinds of activities connected with many human endeavours and also the treatment of pollutants (1-3).


One of the most well know bacteria’s activity is bioremediation, where microorganisms are used to metabolize polluting substances, bacteria, as natural bio-remediators working on oil spills and other organic pollutants and turning them into carbon dioxide and water or into more soluble molecules, that can be easily treated.


Bacteria are widely used for the treatm ...