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Does the REACH 2018registrationdeadline affect you?


Chemicals Agency

The last leg of the journey to having a full picture of the chemicals on the EU market is well on its way. By 31 May 2018, the European Chemicals Agency expects to have received information on up to 30 000 chemicals used in the European Union on a daily basis.
The REACH 2018 deadline affects companies that manufacture or import existing (phase-in) chemicals in the EEA above one tonne per year. ECHA and industry have already successfully managed the first two deadlines of 2010 and 2013 for the higher tonnage and more hazardous chemicals.
For the last deadline, we expect a substantial number of the registrations to come from inexperienced and small and medium-sized companies. There will also be a lot of new data to be shared and generated to fill in the information requirements for these substances.
To help companies in this task, we provide a roadmap to successful registration where we split the registration into seven phases. Each phase contains a different topical theme, and ECHA’s support material for that topic is organised in three layers of complexity (getting started, essential reading and getting deeper). Our REACH 2018 web pages, available in ...