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Enzymes and hand dishwashing;
a primary ingredient for secondary claims


Euromonitor International Ltd.

Britton Street, London EC1M 5UX, United Kingdom

KEYWORDS: Enzymes, engine room, secondary claims, testing, carbohydrates, sustainability.
Hand dishwashing has gone through something of a revolution in the past decade or two. Advertising is a great way to observe this evolution of efficacy and claims; the days of grease-cutting efficacy backed by ‘long-lasting bubbles’ and ‘kind to hands’. While these claims remain and are still relevant to consumers, they now also vie for attention alongside a host of fragrances, antibacterial options, as well as a more recent round of heightened efficacy claims. New efficacy in hand dishwashing has tended to be based around ‘no scrubbing’ or ‘the power of an overnight soak in minutes’; these are powerful claims, which have continued to make hand dishwashing relevant to households that own a dishwasher, even though automatic dishwashing encourages us not to ‘pre-rinse’. The truth is that manual dishwashing is engrained and even enjoyed by some, and the advent of heightened enzymatic functionality appears to have kept hand dishwashin ...

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