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The detergents industry drives forward its commitment towards a sustainable future for all


A.I.S.E. – International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products

Avenue Herrmann Debroux 15 A, 1160 Brussels, Belgium


Over the past 60 years A.I.S.E. has become the trusted partner and voice of the Cleaning and Maintenance Products Industry in Europe. Its activities in the domain of regulatory and voluntary activities focus on product safety and innovation, and making a fundamental contribution in advancing sustainability through its voluntary initiatives to drive sustainable production and consumption for the whole industry sector. In the past year alone, A.I.S.E. and its network of national associations have built huge momentum across the key industry activities. The launch of DetNet, the Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification, at the A.I.S.E. 10th Information Day, marked a significant step forward in helping the industry to prepare for the Classification and Labelling milestone of June 2015. Also on the regulatory front, A.I.S.E. contributed to the successful implementation of the Biocides Regulation and played an active role as an accredited stakeholder of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) in the publication of the chemical safety report/exposure scenario roadmap in July 2013. On the voluntary front, A.I.S.E.’s pilot on household liquid laundry detergents was selected out of 90 applications for the European Commission’s three year pilot test on the Product environmenta Footprint (PEF). Another exciting new initiative was the launch of the multi-stakeholder I prefer 30° low temperature consumer engagement campaign jointly with the European Commission Directorate-General Climate in the context of their “world you like with a climate you like” campaign. The close dialogue with stakeholder partners and strong commitment from the detergents industry continues to be a driving force towards ensuring the health and well-being of society at large.


A.I.S.E. is the official representative body of the Cleaning and Maintenance Products industry in Europe (Figure 1). Its membership totals 31 national associations in 36 countries, covering about 900 companies ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinationals active both in the consumer goods market and the industrial & Institutional (I&I) domains. Its large geographical scope represents a market value of 35 billion euro and 40,000 jobs. A.I.S.E.’s strategy is based on the industry vision ‘We benefit society by contributing to the sustainable improvement of the quality of life through hygiene and cleanliness, in a constructive, competitive and innovative way.’  The leadership and coordination of voluntary and regulatory activities together with stakeholder partners is a key defining strength of this industry and one which builds on the industry’s credibility, reputation and influence on technical and regulatory matters.



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